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Teacher Education Research between National Identity and Global Trends

NAFOL Yearbook 2012

Anna-Lena Østern (ed), Kari Smith (ed), Torill Ryghaug (ed), Thorolf Krüger (ed), May Britt Postholm (ed)


Some of the main goals that education strives to achieve are certification and socialization. To achieve these goals in the best interest of the individual and society is a demanding challenge for all involved. In what context is the certification going to be used? Into what society are those educated expected to socialize? Teacher education is at the heart of the discussion as it is responsible for educating teachers whose task it will be to certify and socialize a new generation into a society, the nature of which is, to a large extent, still unknown.

The aim of the NAFOL Year Book 2012 is to contribute to research-based knowledge in teacher education. The anthology consists of contributions from lecturers, invited guest professors, key note speakers, and PhD students in some way connected to the national graduate school for teacher education NAFOL during 2012. The anthology is thought of as an innovation combining the characteristics of a yearbook of a journal and the characteristics of a conference anthology.

Anna-Lena Østern, Kari Smith, Torill Ryghaug, Thorolf Krüger, May Britt Postholm

Towards a Virtue-Based Conception of Teaching and Teacher Education

Gert Biesta

Dilemmas and Contradictions in Education

Petter Aasen

A Comparative Perspective across the Professions

Lee S. Shulman

A Systematic Analysis of Application Documents

Franziska Frost, Tina Seidel, Manfred Prenzel

Tensions between Standardization and Exploration

Kristin Helstad, Andreas Lund

From Aristotle to Bologna, Brussels and Norway

Kristin Barstad

A study of sign making and artistic expression – from the cell phone to glass fusing

Solveig Åsgard Bendiksen

From a Techno-economic to an Educational Context

Dag Ofstad

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